But the good news is that I’m replacing it with a new idea – completely free sales advice!

Click on the new home page at the top left of this page for the full details, but basically, I am intending on driving the social media experiment I started out with a few months ago to its natural conclusion. I intend to offer actual real life sales (and business) advice, for free, to pretty much anyone that asks for it!

I’m looking to promote it via the burgeoning community of the reallybadsalesadvice blog I started, the followers on Facebook and Twitter and of course my brilliant subscribers! (Thanks to you guys especially, you have really given me the confidence to carry this on)

There is no agenda other than to see what comes back to me. I’ve already experienced some amazing serendipity through publishing this blog. I’ve met some amazing people and had some brilliant opportunities given to me. Lets see how far that can go!

So feel free to join in. Ask me for yourself, or pass my details on to anyone you know that may benefit from some free sales advice. Sales people new to the job? Or business start ups? I’m even happy to chip in to global mulinationals!

Leave me a comment, or tweet me (@radiojaja) on Twitter, or email me directly on tony.dowling@realradio.co.uk

And lets see what happens next!



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