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Unfortunately, there are no two ways about it, no easy answers, no short cuts. Sales is a process, and putting more into the ‘front end’ results in more out of the ‘back end’

There is a caveat. And that is that you are not a complete blithering idiot. That you can string a sentence together, and that you and the product you sell can provide the promised results to your clients. Those things being the case, quite simply as ‘Giff’ Gifford et al have described, ‘more presentations equals more sales’

This surely won’t be a surprise to many sellers? But to what extent do we take it seriously? In my experience as a sales manager, I can categorically state, that my success or otherwise was down completely to the number of sales presentations my sales people made – For sales presentation read: ask for the cash.

Interestingly, sales people, given…

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