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In some ways it’s the most important thing to achieve. Getting your client to say ‘No’ can save you a ton in terms of time, effort, energy, and emotional stock.But hanging on to a sale that has long since passed its ‘sell by date’, the date by when the decision should have been made, is something most sales people are guilty of.

I think this comes from insecurity. Insecurity in terms of the ‘pipeline’ that we spoke about here. And the pipeline in terms of building the ‘potential’ that turns into revenue that gets you to target. There’s only one cure for it, and that’s to have more out there than you need to get to target.

When you have that ‘luxury’ no single decision takes on the level of importance that makes it greater than any another. Then its just a question of getting through the process (presentations maybe?) till you get to the end (hitting target)…

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