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How do you give feedback? ……….Carefully.

We all have egos. None of us like to be told we’re bad at things. So how do you go about telling people they are rubbish at something and need to improve?

The reason I’m bothering to write this is that we do this every day, and we think we’re good at it.

But we notice that most people aren’t. In fact some people are just terrible. After delivering a rehearsal of a presentation a while ago the speaker was told that they looked like a “Stormtrooper from EasyJet.”

Now the comment was sort of right. The poor guy looked a bit over-groomed and had waved his arms around in a way that did remind you of the “emergency exits are situated here…” bit in the safety briefing. But what did saying this to him achieve? It destroyed his confidence, made him feel…

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  1. What I like about this advice on how to criticise presentations positively, is that it’s actually also the recipe for writing the perfect radio ad. But then it would be, wouldn’t it?

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