Why are you waiting?

Do it now.

Whats stopping you? Whats stopping you that you absolutely can’t put aside for the small amount of time it would take you to start this project / diet / job hunt / new career / new relationship / fitness regime / education? When are you going to realise that it’s the making of excuses that’s stopping you, nothing else?

Do it now.

Why are you waiting for the right opportunity? The opportunity you have is the right opportunity. You’ll never have one as good again. When you start other things you don’t wait for everything to be lined up and perfect do you? When you’re motivated, everything else gives way to the new idea doesn’t it? Whats changed?

Do it now.

Are you afraid? Afraid of what exactly? Failure? If you don’t commit, you can lose isn’t that right? But if you don’t commit, you’ll never win. So jump in. Both feet. What does failure mean anyway? Are you going to get physically hurt? Is anyone else? No? So what are you afraid of. Just do it.

Do it now.

Fear of success maybe? How big can I get? How big will I become if I pursue this dream? Where will it all end? The consequences of your success can be over whelming. Until you realise it may never happen. You may win that once yes, and then lose it all in a blink of an eye. An accident, sickness, or some other tragedy. And some people will never start for fear of success. It’s so sad. Tell you what, let’s do it, and worry about the success when it happens.

Do it now.

Someone else is going to do it. Today. And then where will you be? There are only three rules in business 1) Be First. 2) Be First. 3) Be First. Hurry, you’re already missing out. There is someone working harder, working faster, with more energy than you have. They are aiming at your goal. But you know what? They can’t live with you at your best. So what are you waiting for? Get a head start on everyone else.

Do it now.

What? You don’t know the rules? We’ll make ’em up! No one has tried it before? Cool! We’ll be trail blazers! People will laugh at us? F**k ’em, what do they know? Besides, I’d rather be talked about than not, I’d rather be the star in my particular show than the supporting actor.

Do it now.

What are you waiting for?


12 thoughts on “Do it NOW

    1. It’s going to be on my kitchen wall…and my bathroom wall….and all my walls in fact! I am queen of the procrastinators, and it has to stop, too many good ideas going to waste!

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