If you have had help here, or when we’ve worked together face to face, over the phone or whatever, please would you say nice things about the experience here?

I’m hoping seeing some ‘real life’ comments as to the value of this exercise for everyone involved may prompt a few of those of us a little more reserved to take the plunge and join in!

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27 thoughts on “Don’t take my word for it

  1. Just wanted to say how glad I am that you have started this blog. After working with you and seeing first hand how you motivate your team (and for the years before I worked with you) your guidance was the thing I missed the most when I set up my own business! But now I can still get all your best bits here. For anyone reading this comment and thinking I am a suck up – you’re wrong! This guy is one of the most inspiring, kick ass sales/marketing experts I have ever met. Over and out!

  2. Mr Dowling you are indeed a legend. I’ve learned many a thing from you over the short time that I’ve know you and I value your help, honesty, directness, opinion and guidance always. I read Aimees lovely and spot on comments with interest as I would think that most people that work with you in one capacity or another would feel like this. I think you are exceptionally brilliant and people can take a lot from your blogs. I can even forgive the constant golfing references!! Like you say everyone needs a ‘Terry’, I think everyone needs a ‘Tony’. You rock dude big time! I’d go so far as to say that you are the most interesting person that I have ever met and you make thinking differently cool.

    1. Thanks Jo! Amazing comments, I really appreciate it! And I’m slightly speechless too (and humbled as well actually)

      I hope you won’t mind me telling people you are the lady behind holly’s ball, and a true inspiration!

  3. So…what to say about this man here…

    Well. Here is someone who is exceptionally direct and tells you what he thinks not what you want to hear…he shows appreciation but never bullshits…who is a most incisive thinker but never dismissive…who loves creativity and growth…but anchors it in analysis and experience of what works..

    Who practises the most hard-nosed sort of thinking but is always kind.

    Space cadets everywhere can benefit from his grasp on Planet Reality… I know I have: and feel lucky to have met him and to be able to discuss stuff with him.

    You can put the cheque in the post, mate!

    1. As has been the case since I applied to NASA for a job when I was 10, Space Cadets have been my favourite people! Thanks for the great comments Pippa, and I look forward to more celestial conversations!
      By the way, the MrsMoti blog is well worth a read everyone, always something valuable to take from it

  4. Running a small business is often an isolating and insular experience. There’s very little brainstorming; no peer review; no-one to advocate for or to challenge ideas; no-one to tell you something is daft, when it’s glaringly obvious that it is…

    I could never have imagined (let alone have afforded!) that someone of your position, expertise and experience would be interested in working with me to develop my business. On behalf of everyone at Captiva, thank you so, so much for your generosity, enthusiasm and commitment to us, and for prodding me in the right direction on occasion! It has been a real privilege to learn from you, and I am certain that your analysis and insight have contributed significantly to our continued success.

    From a personal and professional perspective, I am very excited to be working with you, and for what the future now holds for my business.

    1. A great insight Sarah. Those of us in bigger corporations have a lot to learn from people in SME’s and you are no exception. I consider it an honour to be invited in to your world and try to help in whatever small way I can. And I look forward to more prod whenever you need it!

  5. Tony has been a huge help in taking my marketing (as a freelancer) to the next level. I was really struggling with trying to move forward and thanks to Tony I feel ready to step it up now. He has always replied promptly, honestly and with some very in depth advice. I feel very lucky to have got such a huge amount of help from someone with such a wealth of knowledge and outstanding track record. All I can do is echo the previous comments really! Although I feel very sorry for my competitors now, as I am raring to put Tony’s advice into practice! Thanks again and I am sure it won’t be the last time I will be calling on you for help!

    1. Thanks Lynda! You clearly have a fantastic attitude and many of the other attributes you need to be a huge success. Keep the questions coming whenever you feel the need and I look forward to our discussion being the subject of a forthcoming blog too!

  6. Tony is quite simply a genius at sales and marketing training! Once my boss and now a very good friend and mentor he inspires me daily! If you do just one thing today, read up on his blog, priceless information!

  7. It’s 5 Years since I worked for you at Real Radio. I can safely say that I am still whole heartedly following your guidance, and broadcasting your quotes. Whether this be out loud to a potential client/investor or an inner voice guiding me through personal situations. You once told me, “Surround yourself by successful, like-minded individuals, and you’ll always be ok”. A somewhat poignant tip to give a girl who grew up on a council estate. A personal mantra for me, and others I have shared this with. My fruitful career in Dubai for the past half a decade, is down to the fact that someone gave me a chance and some kick ass advice many years ago..Thank you Mush, I am eternally grateful.

    So here comes the request for ANOTHER ‘inspiration donation’ (“if you dont ask, you dont get”) I’m about to embark on a new business venture. Does your advice stem to International Businesses by any chance?

    1. Hey Chloe! Glad to hear you’ve been living the dream! Of course, completely free sales advice is available anywhere you can get an internet connection!

      email me tony.dowling@realradio.co.uk or if you’d prefer to arrange for me to have a free fact finding visit to Dubai, I’m sure I can sort something out

      great to hear from you, speak soon

  8. Over the whole of my career as a sales & management consultant working with companies representing 257 different categories of business in 49 states and 18 countries, Tony Dowling is the best all-around manager I have ever worked with. Besides possessing all the determinants for success people in business are judged by, Tony’s greatest strengths are his inner strengths as a husband, father, friend and great human being by those who know him personally. As a golfer? Not so good.

    1. Dave ‘Giff’ Gifford ladies and gentlemen. Legendary sales guru, and honestly, the single biggest positive influence on my career. It’s fair to say, I wouldn’t be writing this blog today without the support and friendship of Dave Gifford
      Thank you for your comments Giff, and I am so pleased you’ve read the blog! I look forward to more honest feedback! But not too honest, ok? πŸ˜‰

      1. Tony, you know I am honest to a “fault”, and on occasion I have suffered the consequences. But you also know I would repeat whatever I shouldn’t have done and/or shouldn’t have said all over again under the same circumstance. Any relationship, that is not an honest relationship, is not a relationship. Please congratulate whomever helped turn your vision into one of the most visually interesting and arresting online sites I have ever seen. Its says Tony Dowling all over it! Bravo! I hurt with jealousy! Any chance I can borrow a cup of arsenic?

      2. This is all true! And despite my earlier remark, I’ve always depended on it!

        As for the site, it’s no secret Giff. It’s just a ‘WordPress’ theme that I populate with text! You’ll be even more impressed to hear its totally free too

  9. If I had found that in the dozens of templates I looked at
    I would have grabbed it ans shut down the search. It
    stimulates interest on sight. Will get back to you as soon
    as my website designer recovers from me asking her to go
    off the clock.

  10. No problem, tell me when you need me, and I’ll be there

    In the meantime read THE TAO OF TWITTER – its all you need to know, is a short simple read, easy to understand and thoroughly entertaining.

    Its by Mark Schaefer, and you’ll find lots of links to him and his website and that book on this blog.

    Email me direct any questions you have, and lets sort a call out soonest! Look forward to speaking to you!

  11. Well – in the spirit of your intentions, Tony, I would just like to encourage interested non-sales & marketing professionals like myself to get involved in this hugely positive initiative of yours. I have found your articles (which are far ‘bigger’ than marketing, to be honest) incredibly thought-provoking since I fell over your blog recently, and I look forward to more of the same honest and constructive debate in 2013. I’ve also started listening to Real Radio in the car and been pleasantly surprised, which is a bonus πŸ˜‰

    Happy New Year! πŸ™‚

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