A repository for some of the great thought leaders in business and marketing and leadership, in fact anything thats of interest!

I’d also welcome ideas from you, we’ll add anything that’s brilliant for everyone to share and enjoy, and hopefully even discuss

One of the most inspiring talks you’ll ever hear!

An awesome talk from a quiet lady with a lot to say about how introversion is a lost art. She argues we should spend more time alone, and encourage privacy and reflection as well as collaboration and exuberance. Brilliant

As requested Clay Shirky on Institutions v. collaboration – terrific and you’ll also learn about the source of the 80/20 rule!

Rory Sutherland – genius and funny with it. Here he talks about the difference between ‘perceived’ value and ‘real’ value. A must watch

You may think you know about story telling, probably not nearly as much as this man! JJ Abrams, maker of Lost and MI 3 among others on the power of the mystery box – Awesome!

Rory Sutherland – Sweat the small stuff. Great marketing insight

Dan Pink – Changing the way you think about motivation

Why schools are killing creativity

Dangerous things you need to let your kids do!

The 12 Things I learned from Steve Jobs – Brilliant marketing video by Guy Kawasaki

William Ury, King of negotiation!

Fascinating video from Google about how they return those search results so quickly, and accurately


9 thoughts on “Essential Video

  1. Oh happy memories about the “giff” rants, I mean speeches.
    Even after all these years I still find myself mentioning him at least a few times a year!
    LEGEND and a cracking article to boot.

  2. Hey, Tony
    Check out James Altucher if you don’t already know who he is. He has a life changing message.

    I want to help you give people free marketing advice is there a way people can communicate with you other than like this?

    Thanks Tony!

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